Lent, 3rd Sunday (Year C) featuring Deacon Michael • The burning bush is the dramatic beginning to a rescue mission. God says, “I have witnessed the affliction of my people... so I know well what they are suffering." God knows well what we are suffering. God would not give us desires that go unfulfilled. Our desire for life without suffering is a sign that we are made for Heaven. St. John Paul II and Blessed Chiara Badano both found hope by uniting their sufferings with the sufferings of Jesus. The road of the cross leads to the Resurrection. If we embrace the cross with Jesus, we will come to know I AM as Our Father.

(28 Feb 2016)

Point to Ponder: What does it mean to unite your sufferings with the sufferings of Jesus?

Point to Discuss: Do you know someone who is suffering, yet still manages to remain joyful and hopeful? Talk to them about what suffering means to them.