Easter Sunday. Christ comes out of the tomb and says... no wait, He's not there. Where is Jesus? It's a question we may have asked many times. The Bible answers this question for us: He is behind us when we weep, on the road when we are troubled, and in the community who prays on Sunday. We are the ones who "Eat and Drink with Him after the Resurrection." I found Jesus in the Eucharist when I converted to the Catholic church at the age of 12.

So why do we gather on Sunday? To celebrate the Resurrection and to practice for Heaven. In Heaven we will all be one, we will praise and thank God, listen to His voice, see him face to face, and enter into Communion with Him. So we do all these things at Mass. In Heaven they don't work, so no one should have to work on Sunday. Instead we should enjoy the world He has created and the people He has given us. This is what it means to keep Sunday Holy. God can only work with the things we give Him. Give God everything.

My search for Jesus wasn't over when I entered the Catholic Church. I had to continue to look for Him and find Him in and through the Church. Saints, candles, water, even the smell of incense reminds us of the God who loves us. Keep searching for Jesus and you will begin to see Him everywhere: in nature, daily events, and other people. Receive Him and be transformed by Him. May others look into your face and say, "I know that Jesus is Risen from the dead because I see Him within you."

(5 Apr 2015)

Point to Ponder: When was a time you went searching for Jesus and He came and found you?

Point to Discuss: Think of someone in your life who reminds you of Jesus. Tell them that you see Jesus within them.

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