Ordinary Time, 28th Sunday. The young man is good and successful, yet something seems to be missing. He goes to Jesus looking for a quick answer. But Jesus wants a relationship with this man; he's willing to share who He truly is. Our attitude too often is, "What can I get away with?" The man already has the right attitude of listening to God's voice and responding through The Ten Commandments. In the gaze of Love, Jesus invites Him to let go of the security he has built for himself and to trust in God's love.

What have you built to give yourself security: Possessions? Friends and connections? A well-paying respectable job? Your physical health and abilities? Don't be afraid if God invites you to follow Him through the loss of possessions, friendships, job or illness. Jesus is worth more than many possessions, for only Jesus can give you Eternal Life.

(11 Oct 2015)

Point to Ponder: What have you built that gives you a sense of security?

Point to Discuss: Talk to a friend who lacks the very thing you rely on for security. How do they do it?