Ordinary Time, 26th Sunday (A) Exactly how good do we have to be to get into Heaven? It would be rather unfortunate to be turned away at the pearly gates by a "No Vacancy Sign", or to find out they were too busy or full or we were not quite good enough to get in. The truth is, you have the power in your hands.

Jesus is the key that opens the doors of heaven. If you have Jesus in your heart, the gates recognize their master and they open up for you. Every day, in many ways, Jesus is busy knocking on the door of your heart. He can't let you into his Kingdom if you haven't let him be the King of your heart. If you find yourself knocking at the pearly gates, something when horribly wrong. Jesus came knocking on your heart and found it too busy, full, or that he wasn't quite good enough for you. Open your heart to Jesus this week.

(27 Sep 2020)

Going Deeper: Can you remember a significant time that Jesus was asking to come into your heart? How did you respond? How would you respond differently to the needy around you if you saw your humble Master in their faces?

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Image by Peter H from Pixabay