Ordinary Time, 26th Sunday (A) The chief priests and the elders of the people are living lives of selfishness and vainglory. Would you rather have a priest who tried to be good, even if he didn't always succeed, or a priest who was just good at looking good?

When a bunch of guys get together, we tend to compare, compete, and complain. We all want to look good, so if I'm not looking good, it must be someone else's fault. Instead, can I see the face of Jesus in other priests? Can I be the face of Jesus to my brother priests.

Just like priests, many Catholics have responded to God's call with, "Yes, sir!"--but we didn't go work in the vineyard. Fortunately, God gives second chances if we are willing to be humble. You have a new opportunity this week to go work in the Father's vineyard.

(1 Oct 2023)

Going Deeper: When have I gotten stuck on my own appearance in the eyes of others? When have I been able to simply love and serve as God serves me?

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