The Ascension of the Lord. "Jesus did not leave His Father when He came to be with us, and He did not leave us when He went back to the Father." The Holy Spirit kept Jesus connected with His Father. Now that Jesus is in

Belaying and a Climbing Wall

Heaven, the Holy Spirit connects us with Jesus. The Holy Spirit is like a safety cord, or a lifeline. Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father holding the other end of the line. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus experiences our struggles, sufferings and loneliness. Through the Holy Spirit, we can experience His Joy, Peace, and Love.

Two pieces of advice: Wait and Witness. Listening to God requires patience. We must wait for the Lord to answer in His own time, and to give what we need. Witness to His power working in your heart and in the world. You may not have seen Him walk on water, but you have experienced His presence and His power. If you wait and witness, others will be able to say, "I know Jesus is risen because I see Him in you."

(1 Jun 2014)