Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord (B) Just when Jesus was poised to conquer the world... he left the disciples and ascended into heaven. We no longer expect an earthly king, but we certainly could use a Messiah to teach us, heal our sick, forgive sinners and even raise the dead. So why is Jesus not here?

God had a different plan. His plan was to fill the whole world with Jesuses. Every single Christian is called to be a little Jesus. Do you love your wife like Christ loves the Church? Do you love your family, friends, and neighbors as Jesus does? Of course not, because the call is impossible.

But all things are possible for God. I would contend that when Jesus emptied himself, he left all his "God powers" behind. It wasn't until he received the Holy Spirit at his Baptism that he started working miracles. You have received the same Spirit; you have the same call. How do we unlock the power of the Holy Spirit?

Three steps: First, acknowledge the fact that, as a Christian, I am called to love others as Christ has loved me. Second, realize that I cannot possibly fulfill this calling by my own efforts. Third, turn to God and ask him to help me fulfill my mission. And the world will realize that Jesus is with us because Jesus is within you.

Going Deeper: Follow the three steps above and try, with God's help, to love like Jesus this week.

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