Easter, 6th Sunday (B) Mothers Day • Archeologists have uncovered the oldest know human burial in Africa, and it was a child, a little boy lovingly laid to rest. Even 78,000 years later we can see that his family loved him.

Today we celebrate the gift of a mother's love. This day can be hard for many. Some are grieving the absence of a loving mother, the loss of a child, or the dream of being a mother that didn't come to fruition. The Mass readings today remind us that behind every mother is the love of a Father: God the Father. Can you imagine a greater love than the Father's love for his Son, Jesus? Now realize that Jesus loves you with this same love.

I was inspired recently by the story of a little orphan boy who fed all his fellow orphans before he himself ate. This is how God loves us. This is how we are called to love.

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