Easter, 4th Sunday (B) How did I know I was called to be a priest? I used to lie awake at night waiting for a sign from God. Instead of a sign, God lined up a house visit to St. John Vianney Seminary. I continued on to Mundelein Seminary in Chicago. Then I was unexpectedly transferred to Rome. That was when I experienced the care of the Good Shepherd. None of us is anonymous; none of us is unknown. Each sheep matters to the Good Shepherd. God wants to call you to a true, good, and beautiful life. Stop selling yourself short!

Three thoughts on discernment:

  1. You probably won't hear God's voice speaking to you. Instead, you need to prayerfully consider what is the right next step. God will make the steps clear one at a time.
  2. You will never regret doing God's will. Even though it won't be easy, it is always worth it in the end.
  3. It will sometimes feel like we have taken a wrong turn and come to a dead end. That doesn't necessarily mean we made a mistake. Instead, these moments are an opportunity to listen more deeply.

God didn't need to give me the answer because he was going to be with me every step of the way. I needed to learn how to walk with God and listen to him each day. Get in the habit of saying, "Speak, Lord!" and your life will become a romance.

Going Deeper: Check out the Fiat Prayer Society for the Diocese of Green Bay.
Spend a little quiet time today discerning God's will for your week.

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