Easter, 3rd Sunday (B) St. Peter is preaching to the very people who had demanded Jesus' execution. And he is the one who denied Jesus three times! But Jesus forgave Peter. Now Peter wants them to also receive mercy. Have you experienced God's merciful love? Do you want others to experience the same mercy?

How can we help people to experience the mercy we have received? We can forgive them as God has forgiven us. Forgiveness does not require them to say, "I'm sorry." It doesn't mean I won't report them or that I should allow them to continue to hurt me. Forgiveness means allowing God to bring good out of the evil that others have inflicted on me. Forgiveness is a supernatural gift. Pray for the grace of forgiveness. Watch God work miracles in your life and the lives of others. You have received mercy, now share mercy.

Going Deeper: "In the name of Jesus, I forgive _[person]_ for _[way they hurt me]_ and I ask God to bless him (her)."

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