Easter, 3rd Sunday (B) "Peace be with you," says the Risen Jesus! Here are five places Jesus wants to give peace: 1) Your past. The gift of new life means we no longer have to worry about our past. 2) Our future. The Risen Jesus will meet us at the end of our time and lead us to eternal life. 3) Our sufferings. We will have the strength to endure whatever God wills, and it will be fruitful. 4) Within us. When our spirits are obedient to God, our bodies are obedient to our spirits. 5) The community. Serving God enables us to serve one another. Peace with God enables us to have peace with one another and to bring peace to our neighborhoods.

How can we experience God's peace in our daily life? Mass is the perfect place to experience the peace of the Risen Jesus. The Rosary, particularly prayed while walking. And finally, some spring cleaning or de-cluttering of your home or car. When you make a space more peaceful, that space gives peace back to you every time you enter it.

The Risen Jesus is with you everywhere you go. There is nothing you have to face alone!

(14 Apr 2024)

Going Deeper: How do you experience peace when you come to Mass? Have you tried praying the Rosary and talking a walk? Do some spring cleaning/decluttering and experience a little peace.

*Correction: The word peace in Urdu is "Salam" (same vowel twice)

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