Easter, 2nd (Divine Mercy) Sunday • At the resurrection of the dead on the last day, our wounds will all be healed. So why does the Risen Jesus still have wounds?

He is the healer, the medicine for all of us. The seal must be broken so his life can flow into us. Jesus lives his whole life without wounds. But in his passion he experiences all our woundedness and he takes it into himself, into his very body. His body heals our wounds, but the physical wounds are a visible sign that he has carried, and cured, our emotional and spiritual woundedness. We are meant to come to Jesus often and to keep drawing life from him. The Healer who was wounded so that you could be made whole. Show him your wounds.

(7 Apr 2024)

Going Deeper: Listen to the song by, Casting Crowns "Scars in Heaven."

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