Easter, 3rd Sunday (A)

Our leaders don't seem to have a handle on our public health crisis. We've lost our grip and we're flying off the handle. The Good News is that you don't need to have a handle on your problems -- God's got this!

God has always walked with us, from the Garden of Eden to the end of the age. God is walking with you right now. The struggles and sufferings you experience are not a sign that God doesn't love you or doesn't care. Rather, they are your participation in the Paschal Mystery.

Remember how we walked with Jesus from Holy Thursday through Good Friday and into Easter Sunday? That journey is called the Paschal Mystery. Now Jesus walks with you through your struggles and brokenness into the Resurrection and new life. In the words of Desireé: If we trust in the Lord, whether it's COVID-19 or cancer, God's going to hold all of it in his hands, and he wants to keep you safe and he loves you very much.

(26 Apr 2020)

Going Deeper: Last week I told you to look for signs of New Life. Now tell me where have you seen God recently?

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