Ordinary Time, 30th Sunday (C) The Pharisee is not a bad dude. He probably does more good things than you and me put together. So what is he missing? Just one little thing: Love. And getting his motive wrong makes a mess of his whole life.

You know who was a really good Pharisee? The author of our second reading: St. Paul. But then he met Jesus face to face and said, "O God, be merciful to me a sinner." He began to see how God loved him and poured out His life for him. St. Paul learned to imitate Christ and poured out his own life as a sacrifice of love. And his life became a beautiful tapestry.

(27 Oct 2019)

Going Deeper: Take an honest look at your life: Do you look at yourself and you're glad not to be like the rest of humanity?
Do you look at yourself and you're disappointed in the mess that is you?
Or do you look at Jesus and let Him love you and transform you into a mature disciple?
Ask St. Paul to help your life become a libation of love.

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