Ordinary Time, 30th Sunday (A) What is the biggest problem facing the United States in this election year? Even a child knows this answer: the breakdown of the family.

I was blessed to grow up in a traditional household, where I was raised by the man and woman who brought me into existence. Back then, not having a two-parent home was unusual. Now, it's the norm. Even the United States itself has become a dysfunctional family. Where did this problem start?

To understand that we have to go back, but not to the 80's or the 60's but to the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were comfortable with each other and at peace with God. Until they decided to disobey God. They found themselves blaming each other and using each other. Only when we serve a higher law can we truly live together in peace.

We cannot love our neighbor until we know that we are loved. So our Father, who has never stopped loving us, sent Jesus to carry our brokenness to the cross. He restores our birthright as children of God. Regardless of my family of origin, I am part of an intact family, the Holy Trinity and the Communion of Saints. We can love because He first loved us.

The call of marriage is so high and noble that we cannot possibly succeed on our own. But with God all things are possible. When you feel that you are not enough, ask God to bless you and break you and make you more than enough.

(25 Oct 2020)

Going Deeper: Where does your sense of identity come from? Do you get it from your job, your spouse, your kids, your family of origin, or from the Father's love for you? Offer your own personal prayer of blessing and protection for your family and for every family.