Ordinary Time, 20th Sunday (A) What do we do when God doesn't answer our prayers? We have all had the experience of not seeing prayers answered. Our Gospel shows us how to respond. The Canaanite woman wants Jesus to cure her tormented daughter. First Jesus doesn't seem to be listening. Then Jesus doesn't seem to care. The woman responds by drawing closer to Jesus with humor and humility.

God answers prayer one of two ways. Either he says Yes! or I have something better for you. When we don't immediately see our prayers answered, it is because God wants to give us something even better than what we asked for. Jesus not only healed the daughter, but he also helped the mother grow in faith.

God is listening, and God does care. Hope for more than you are asking for. Draw near to God with humility and humor.

(16 Aug 2020)

Going Deeper: When God doesn't seem to be listening, we have a tendency to pull away. How can you draw closer instead? Do you know someone who was able to grow and stretch because of unanswered prayers (besides Garth Brooks)?

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash