Ordinary Time, 29th Sunday (A)

God has chosen Cyrus, a pagan king and founder of the Persian empire, to accomplish his will. St. Paul reminds us that we were chosen by God. Do you know how God chose you?

I know that I was chosen to be a priest. I went into seminary right out of high school. Two of my biggest faith moments happened when I was in Rome. The first was during a study abroad when I attended Mass at St. Peter's for the World Day of the Sick. I watched Pope St. John Paul the Great bless the sick people, and something clicked for me. The Church doesn't exist for herself; she exists for Jesus Christ.

Several years later, I was comfortably through my second year at Mundelein Seminary. That's when Bishop Zubik asked me to go to Rome. I said "Yes" because I thought it was God's will, even though I was not at all excited. It was a big sacrifice, but I grew spiritually. God let me know I had made the right decision. My life is not about me.

Your life is not about you. You were stamped with the image and likeness of God. Your life only makes sense when you give yourself back to God. Every Sunday at ever Catholic Mass, we have an "Altar Call." Jesus gives himself to us in the Eucharist, and we give ourselves to him in Communion. Render to God what belongs to God.

(18 Oct 2020)

Going Deeper: Did you realize that Communion was not just about getting Jesus, but also about giving yourself to Jesus? Prepare for your next Mass so that you can give yourself fully to Jesus in Communion.