Ordinary Time, 29th Sunday (A) The king of Persia doesn't know God but finds himself an agent of God's plan to restore the Jews. The leaders of Israel know the true God, but refuse to cooperate with His plans. If Jesus really speaks the truth, shouldn't they be listening to him? Cesar is not a god, but God allows him to exercise power, so we should obey him.

What in nature as stamped in God's own image? We are! We who bear the image of God should be giving ourselves back to God. What will you do with the gift that is you? By living stewardship, we give ourselves back to God. How am I using the Time God gives me in ways that do not glorify Him? Are my Talents being used to bless others? When it comes to Treasure, how much do I want God to bless me? Go and do the same.

(22 Oct 2023)

Going Deeper: If you are part of the Antigo Area Catholic Churches, fill out your Stewardship Renewal card and turn it in. You can also fill it out online. See the links at AntigoAreaCatholicChurches.com

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