Ordinary Time, 28th Sunday (A) The Wedding Feast of the Lamb is the greatest invitation we could possibly receive. So why does it seem that no one can be bothered to respond?

Let me share with you my vision of heaven. Picture a playground where all the children get along and play nice. God can easily build a playground where no one will be hurt or die. He cannot, however, keep us from hurting each other. That's why you will only be allowed to enter the playground when your heart is completely free of sin. God allows terrible things here so we will reject sin and evil.

Christians must show the world how to be God's beloved little children. Every Sunday, God throws a wedding feast for his Son. Many ignore the invitation and go away, one to his farm, another to his business. We who come to Holy Mass must allow our hearts to be changed on the inside.

(15 Oct 2023)

Going Deeper: In what ways is your heart ready for God's kingdom? In what ways is transformation still needed?

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