Ordinary Time, 28th Sunday (A) - Thank you to Fr. Nusi for the opportunity to concelebrate the Confirmation Mass at Holy Trinity Parish today. If you read the Bible from beginning to end, you find one consistent theme. God's one big dream is: You will be my people and I will be your God.

We were created by Love and for love. Our first parents rejected God's plan and went out into the world to find something better for themselves. But all they found was the hardship and sadness that comes from using and being used.

Then God asked Abraham to be his friend. His children became the nation of Israel. They would go up the holy mountain, Zion, to worship at God's temple. "You will be my people, and I will be your God."

But God wasn't content to be in one place for just one people. He wanted to be everywhere for everyone. So God became a man and walked among us in the person of Jesus Christ. The chosen people rejected God's son, nailed him to a cross, and mocked him while he died.

God destroyed those murderers and burned their city. But he didn't give up on the human race. Jesus was the one perfect sacrifice to reconcile human beings to our heavenly Father. God sent messengers into the whole world to invite us into His Kingdom.

And now, at Mass today, God gives this same invitation. He spreads a banquet before us and says, "You will be my people, and I will be your God." Yet so many of us ignore the invitation and go away, one to his farm, another to his business. But to those who accept the invitation, God sends his spirit. And the Spirit allows us to put on the wedding garment of good works that manifest God's glory.

Will you accept the wedding invitation today? Will you walk with Jesus to God's holy mountain.?

(11 Oct 2020)

Going Deeper: How has God made a covenant with you? Have you been faithful to this covenant? Concretely, what does it mean to live as God's chosen people?