Ord24 - Take up your Cross (14:50)

Ordinary Time, 24th Sunday. September 11, 2001. The JFK Assassination. The bombing of Pearl Harbor. Why does God allow tragedy? Many of us have tried to answer this question, especially when faced with personal loss and suffering. Jesus gives a different answer. He is he Son of God. If there was anyone we expected to live a perfect life, it was Jesus. He suffered and died a miserable death. Jesus teaches us two things. First of all, suffering is never wasted. His miserable death is somehow a good thing in God's great plan. Secondly, He always trusts that His Father knows best. Just like a good player keeps his eyes on the ball, so Jesus stays focused on the Father. He knows that whatever he has to go through, His Father will be there for Him on the other side.

Through baptism we have been adopted as God's children; how can we expect anything better? I watched my grandfather take up his cross, and I found a short piece by another woman who has taken up her cross.† Your suffering is never wasted, and your Father will be there for you on the other side. Do not be afraid to deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Him.

(16 Sep 2012)

† Tiffiny Gulla, "The Power that Comes Forth from Christ." (Magnificat, Vol 14:7, September 2012, pp. 153-4)