Ordinary Time, 27th Sunday (A) Are we renters or are we stewards? In today's Gospel, the renters try to use the property for themselves. They forget who really owns it. We often have the same problem Everything we own is a gift from God, including the world and our very life itself. We are Stewards entrusted with gifts that we do not own. It belongs to God, and we have to use it for the glory of God.

  • Treasure. Everything we own belongs to God. We can't take anything with us. Do we use our things wisely? Everyone should make a family budget: list your income and expenses, and you'll be able to make better choices about where to spend God's money.
  • Talent. Does your body look loved, or just lived in? Do you give your body rest, healthy food, exercise? How about your mind -- are you putting it to good use? Are we good stewards of God's gifts?
  • Time. We never 'find' time. Everyone gets exactly 1440 minutes per day, 168 hours per week. We already know exactly how much we are going to get this week. How will you use it?

God gave us these gifts and He wants us to use them well. This week, let the Master show you how to be a good Steward. (2 Oct 2011)