Ordinary Time, 17th Sunday (A) Life can often feel like a merry-go-round. We go up and down and around and around; too much to do and not enough time. How do we keep from getting dizzy?

King Solomon turns to the Lord. He doesn't ask God to change all the things around him. He asks God to change his heart. All my assignments have been too much for me to handle. After trying everything, and feeling overwhelmed and angry, I finally went on a silent retreat. I found the Lord waiting for me and offering me peace. A daily holy hour, and an annual retreat, became survival skills.

Focusing on God helped me to see people more clearly. I started realizing that my job was helping people and not 'getting things done.' You only get a thriving, vibrant parish by investing in people and taking care of people. And I started to realize that we are all in this together. I was helping others, and they were helping me.

I used to think I had to give people answers or solve their problems. I had been overwhelmed because I thought I was supposed to do it all. But now I direct them to Jesus and help them discover that He is the pearl of great price. I am willing to give everything for my relationship with Jesus. I love serving the people of southern Oconto County, but I love Jesus more.

Feeling dizzy? You don't need God to change all the stuff around you. You need a change of heart. Go to Jesus. Discover that He is the pearl of great price. Focus on him and everything changes.

(26 Jul 2020)

Going Deeper: For many of us, Sunday Mass is the most important way we stay focused on God. What helps you on a monthly and yearly basis? How about on a daily basis?

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

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