Ordinary Time, 16th Sunday (A) Last week's Gospel was about the Word of God bearing good fruit. Now wheat and weeds are growing side-by-side. We might think God is paying no attention, but there will be a harvest. All who cause others to sin and all evildoers will be gathered up and burned like weeds, but the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. God is patiently waiting for the evildoers to repent and bear good fruit. Are you preparing for the harvest?

Friday I checked an item off my bucket list: paddling a kayak across Green Bay. Right in the middle of our journey, my partner started talking to me about his funeral plans. Not exactly what I wanted to think about when we were five or six miles from land. We did finally arrive safely in the promised land -- Door County.

You shouldn't just set out tomorrow on a 12.5 mile paddle trip. You need the proper equipment and you need proper training. In a similar way, your life on earth is a journey to Eternal Life. You've been equipped by the Church, the Sacraments, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. But don't load your kayak down with bling. Don't paddle in circles, allowing yourself to be blown by the waves and winds of current events. Let the Spirit guide you and know that Jesus paddles with you. Keep moving towards Eternal Life and you will be ready for the harvest.

So this summer, check some items off your bucket list. But first, take some time to plan your funeral.

(19 Jul 2020)

Going Deeper: How can your funeral reflect your belief in Jesus' second coming, the Resurrection of the dead, and life everlasting?