Ordinary Time, 15th Sunday (A) Seeds of faith and vocation were planted in the hearts of Fr. Benjamin Johnson and Fr. Kevin Ripley. Now they will plant seeds in the hearts of others. As your pastor, I have planted many seeds of faith, hope, and charity. I have watered seeds that were planted by others. I have uprooted many weeds that were growing in souls. What is growing in your heart?

If you want a good crop, you must plant God's word. How much of God's word do you receive daily or weekly? Here are three ways to feed your soul on the good seed of God's word:

  1. Open your Bible and read it every day. Read Jenny Uebbing's testimony on Mama Needs Coffee.
  2. Subscribe to a daily Missal like the Magnificat or The Word Among Us.
  3. Download a Bible app on your smartphone and read it instead of scrolling Twitter or Snapchat.

What difference does it make?

A young Alessandro let the weeds of selfish pleasure grow in his heart until they yielded the bitter fruits of rape and murder. But Little Maria had planted the good seed of reproach and forgiveness and they would slowly grow into a beautiful harvest. What is growing in your soul?

(13 Jul 2020)

Going Deeper: Read the Spiritual Testament of Alessandro Serenelli for yourself. What is the best Bible app? Tell us in the comments.