Ordinary Time, 15th Sunday (C) Today we heard from Sr. Magdalena and Sr. Mary Evelyn, religious sisters and missionaries. We also heard the parable of the Good Samaritan. Three things to keep in mind as you listen to this Gospel: 1) The Good Samaritan is helping an enemy 2) He goes above and beyond 3) He continues a relationship with him. This is the kind of neighbor Jesus is calling us to be.

How would your Facebook comments change if you treated foreign Muslims as neighbors? How would our national discussion on immigration change if we treated Mexico as our neighbor? What about your neighborhood? Jesus has been like a Good Samaritan to you; go and do likewise.

(14 Jul 2019)

Thank you to the Salvatorian Sisters for their witness of faith and life. Please support them and other missions through the Missionary Cooperation Appeal at your local parish.