Ordinary Time, 6th Sunday (A) The Commandments are given to us by our Father, who created us and wants us to avoid suffering. We must accept God's lordship and not just obey when it is convenient for us.

We all know you shouldn't kill, lie, or commit adultery. But Jesus invites us to more. We must uproot even the seedlings of sin and selfishness. So Jesus plants the Holy Spirit deep with your soul. Nurture the spirit and you will find your heart bearing the fruits of love, joy, peace, patience...

How can you accept your Father's authority? Give him the first hour of the first day of the week. Make Sunday Mass a priority in your life.

How can you nurture the Holy Spirit within you? Make daily prayer a priority in your schedule.

We must all face the music. Will you hear the people sing at your final curtain call?

(16 Feb 2020)

Going Deeper: Watch the finale of Les Miserables

Thank you Lisa and family and friends! [image source]