Ordinary Time, 6th Sunday (A) "Thus says the Lord..." are the words Moses used when teaching God's law to the people. "But I say to you...", says Jesus, who claims to be the very God who taught Moses. Do you really want to be good, or are you willing to settle for looking good?

Haven't murdered anyone lately? Great! But don't feed your anger, don't insult, and don't name-call. Don't try to prove your own innocence lest you be investigated and all your faults be exposed. Quit while you're ahead.

It's good that you haven't committed adultery, but what have you been thinking in your heart? Don't feed the attractions to things that are not good.

Are you fully honest when you report on your taxes? Do you try and shape the narrative in a way that flatters you or makes others look worse? The Lord has created us to be simple, honest people. Every choice shapes us in a particular direction. Don't settle for just looking good. Focus on having a thoroughly good heart.

(12 Feb 2023)

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