Ordinary Time, 29th Sunday (C) What good would a cell phone be if it were always stuck on "Airplane Mode"? Cell phones were made to connect to cell towers. They can't really fulfill their purpose without a connection.

You were made to be connected to a higher power. Original sin means that we were born in airplane mode. We are so used to being disconnected that we get uncomfortable when a message comes through from the other side. No wonder we feel lost, anxious, and disconnected.

Our Gospel reading tells us to keep stubbornly asking God until we finally get what we want. I would also say it points to the need to stubbornly stay connected to God. We should use whatever means necessary to get good prayer reception. The "orans" position is kind of like those old "rabbit ear" antennas. As long as Moses gets good reception, the people of Israel keep winning. Do you see how important good reception is? I think it's really important to have a dedicated prayer space where the reception is better. If you already make time for prayer every day, consider signing up for an hour of Adoration once a week.

Each person plays a different role: Joshua fights, Moses prays, and Aaron and Hur support Moses. We are all called to serve the mission but in different ways. Joanna adds a brief reflection about her experience of living Stewardship.

(16 Oct 2022)

Going Deeper: Make a prayer corner in your home. Sign up for an hour a week of Adoration at a local chapel, or prayerfully consider your Stewardship commitment for 2023.

I didn't get a good recording of Kathy's reflection so I share Joanna's with you, instead. If you were giving a 2-5 minute witness talk on Stewardship, what would you say?


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