Ordinary Time, 28th Sunday (C) Today we kick off our 2022 Stewardship Renewal. You might think that Stewardship is optional, something for those "involved parishioners" to consider. The fact of the matter is you don't get a choice to be a steward. If you are alive, you are already a steward. What kind of steward will you be: grateful, wise, and generous or grumpy, foolish, and selfish?

This annual Stewardship Renewal is an opportunity to reflect on how we have been responding to the call of stewardship. We find it helpful to reflect on three key areas:

  1. Time. Spend at least 1% (15 minutes) of quality time with God each day, and also time with family and friends.
  2. Treasure. How much am I giving, as a percent of what I receive? Am I being generous?
  3. Talent. A lot of us treat the church like a Wal-Mart. We show up, pay what we want and take Communion. A family is different. A family all pitches in and helps with the chores. If we are going to be a church family and not a Wal-Mart, then everyone needs to be pitching in and helping with a chore around God's house. You don't have to do 14 things. But if you are doing 14 things, you should reflect on whether they are all the right things for you.

The point of our Stewardship Renewal is not to get people to give more but to help people be more intentional with their giving. We all need to serve because we are made in the image and likeness of God and God is a servant. Let us be more grateful, wise, and generous stewards.

(9 Oct 2022)

Going Deeper: The Antigo Area Catholic Churches ministry booklet is available online. Flip through the book and prayerfully consider one way God might be calling you to pitch in and help.


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