Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (B) You are running out of sunsets. There are no sunsets in Heaven, and there is only a finite number of sunsets between this one and the last one. We can learn a big lesson from this simple truth.

We often focus our attention on the next big thing in our lives: Christmas, family vacation, getting a driver's license, graduating college, retirement, etc. It's not bad to focus on these but we should be focused on two bigger things. First, Jesus is the true King and his future Kingdom is already assured. In fact, his Kingdom is already present. Second, if I want to be part of his eternal Kingdom, I need serve my King today.

We know that the Kingdom of God is a kingdom of Truth and Love. Am I living my life according to truth and love? Am I running my business, my classroom, or my family according to the values of God's Kingdom? When we focus too much on the "next big thing," we start to live according to this world's values. Serve your King today and each each will be one day closer to Eternity.

(21 Nov 2021)

Going Deeper: How can I make today less about building my own little kingdom and more about serving the King in Truth and Love? Pray the Act of Entrustment to Jesus Christ, King of All Nations

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