Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (A)

Heaven and earth come together in a Catholic Church. The earthly part is symbolized by the nave. The heavenly part is symbolized by the sanctuary where the altar sits. At Mass we can see into heaven and hear words from heaven, but we can't quite enter yet. Instead the priest and the servers, dressed like angels, bring the bread of heaven down to earth for God's people.

One day soon, Jesus himself will descend from Heaven in all his glory. The nations will be gathered before his glorious throne. And he will separate the flock into sheep and goats. Those who were kind to him in this life receive kindness in eternity. When did we have a chance to be kind to the King of Kings? When we cared for those in need.

I recently had a funeral for a fellow who was always prepared for the accounting. He washed and waxed his tractors and make sure his accounts were always in order. But more importantly, he was kind to everyone. Are you prepared for the accounting? Will Jesus be any less generous to his friends than George Clooney was? Strive to enter in!

(22 Nov 2020)

Going Deeper: What did you do for Jesus this past week? Who did you care for, feed, visit, welcome, clothe?

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