Easter, 5th Sunday (C) What is your dream job, your dream life? Today we see God's dream: They will be My people, and I will be their God, and dwell with them forever. We want to be good people, but Jesus is calling us to be God's people. And God's people love others as Jesus has loved us.

There's just one hitch: It's impossible. Before God creates a new heaven and a new earth, he needs to create a new heart and a new mind in you. So God has sent us His Holy Spirit. When we are connected with the Spirit of God, we can love as Jesus has loved. Every time we choose to cooperate with the Spirit, we choose Heaven. This is how people will know God's love for them: When we have become a community that lives as Jesus lived and loves as Jesus loves. "Behold I make all things new" -- and I'm starting with you.

(19 May 2019)

Going Deeper: Bring Jesus to your place of work today: hang up a crucifix in your office, change your desktop wallpaper, put a rosary on the rear view mirror of the work truck, or just pack a holy card in your lunch box and pray it when you need God's love.

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