Ordinary Time, 7th Sunday (C) We continue our journey through Luke chapter 6. Today Jesus teaches the Golden Rule and a whole lot more! Jesus wants his followers to be more than "good people"; we are called to be "God's people." God's people are kind and merciful; they love their enemies and give generously just as God does. Does this sound impossible for you?

King David shows that we can fulfill this command. There are three reasons why David doesn't kill Saul when he gets the chance: 1) David trusts God to protect him. 2) David trusts God to provide for him. 3) David refuses to treat Saul in the way that Saul treats him.

This third one is the key to understanding what Jesus is asking of us. Jesus knows that we will experience evil at the hands of others. He wants us to break the cycle of evil. "Hurt people hurt people." People who act in hurtful ways have often experienced hurt. Forgiveness is the key that lets us escape the cycle of hurt.

We often refuse to forgive because we don't want to let the offender off the hook. I am taking upon myself the responsibility to even the score or at the very least prove that I deserved better. Forgiveness lets me of the hook because I let God even the score.

Sometimes we think the offender is getting better than they deserve. That may be true, but God has already forgiven us. We, too, are getting far better than we deserve. Forgive others as God has forgiven you, and you will break the cycle of hurt.

(20 Feb 2022)

Going Deeper: Try forgiving someone who has hurt you: In the name of Jesus I forgive [name] for [offense(s)] and I ask God to bless [name]. Forgiveness is a process and it doesn't magically happen in one try. It doesn't mean that I don't also speak up. It doesn't mean I have to have a relationship with the person I forgave. Try it for yourself and see what happens.

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