Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception • What can the Immaculate Conception teach us? Mary is first a disciple of Jesus. She listened to Jesus, she followed him to the cross, and she was faithful until the end of her life. She gives us an example of discipleship.

God is our Father, Jesus is our savior, and we are surrounded by spiritual brothers and sisters, the saints. There is one thing missing: a mother. God has chosen Mary not only to be the mother of his son, but also to be the mother of all his children.

Mary is also queen. The Kingdom of Israel had a tradition that the mother of the king was #2 in the kingdom. When Jesus takes the throne as a descendant of David, he follows the tradition of his native people and makes his mother the Queen. Jesus and Mary work together to bring us to the Kingdom.

We only have one Savior, Jesus. He saved Mary and preserved her from all sin for our sake. It is for your sake that Mary was conceived immaculately.

(8 Dec 2022)

Going Deeper: Have you experienced how much Mary loves you? Spend some time talking to your Mother today.

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