Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary • Mary the mother of Jesus was conceived without original sin. Here is a quick and easy way to explain original sin:

  • Tame animals live in your house. You feed and protect them. They come to you and trust you and are safe to be around. They often wear collars with an owner's name on them.
  • Wild animals live in the forest. They feed and protect themselves. They run from you, they fear you, and they belong to no one.

When God created the world, he made Adam and Eve like tame animals. They trusted God and he cared for them. When they sinned, they went feral. Now we tend to look out for ourselves, hurt each other, and run from God when he comes looking for us. We think we belong to no one. This is original sin in a nutshell.

Mary was different. She was always in a relationship with God from the first moment of her conception. She belonged to God totally and God took care of her. She is what the Jewish people were called to be. She is what every Christian is called to be.

(9 Dec 2021)

Going Deeper: Do you run from God, or are you obedient to him? Do you act more like a wild animal or a tame one? Mary will help you if you ask her.

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