Ordinary Time, 21st Sunday. Marriage is a gift of yourself that is Total, Faithful, Fruitful, and Free. This helps explains "wives be subordinate to your husbands." The wife is not expected to be dominated or walked-on. Rather, the man is first asked to lay down his life for his wife. If he will lay down his life for her, than she can be subordinate to him. And they both lay down their lives for one another.

St. Paul tell us that Jesus loves us the same way: Totally, Faithfully, Fruitfully, and Freely. In John chapter 6 Jesus explains that the total gift of Himself includes even His flesh and the last drop of His blood. Yes, God loves us that much. He wants us to become "one flesh" with Him in Communion. At the Last Supper it comes true: Jesus' word transforms bread and wine into His flesh and blood. How do we respond to Jesus' gift of himself? By giving ourselves back to him:

  • Have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourself to Christ in the Eucharist?
  • Will you love and honor Christ as man and wife for the rest of your life?
  • Will you accept fruit lovingly from God and raise it up to give glory to God through his Church?
Don't leave Jesus standing at the altar!

(23 Aug 2015)

Point to Ponder: Is your flesh ready for union with Christ? How can you be prepared to truly receive Him?

Point to Discuss: Share with a friend (or your spouse) a time you were particularly moved by Christ's presence in the Eucharist.