Easter Sunday • Most of us here in church today probably think we know what Easter is all about. But if we were asked to explain it to a friend or family member, what would we say?

You have to read the entire Bible in order to really understand the Resurrection is all about. That's ok, I summarize. Remember the Garden of Eden? That's where the snake tricked Adam and Eve into eating from the wrong tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Because they ate from it, they started wearing clothes, had to deal with thorns, and were kicked out of the garden and lost access to the tree of Life.

We went from Paradise to a confusing and dangerous wilderness. But God has not forgotten his children. Once he had made all the necessary preparations he sent his only begotten son Jesus to come and rescue us. Jesus paid the price for our sins. Look at a crucifix and you see a man wearing a stitch of clothes and a crown of thorns and nailed to a tree between two thieves. Get the reference? The empty tomb means the price has been paid.

Easter is not primarily a celebration of what God did in the past but rather an invitation to new life. This new life is a life lived as a child of God, in friendship with Jesus Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit. At Baptism you received the Light of Christ. Protect and nourish that light of faith. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also light up the world around you.

(17 Apr 2022)

Going Deeper: When did God become real for you? Has something happened that moved your sense of God from something others told you about to something you had experienced for yourself? On the spectrum of friendships from BFF to acquaintance to someone you know distantly, where would you put your friendship with Jesus? What kind of friendship do you want with Jesus?

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