Easter, 2nd Sunday • The Acts of the Apostles reports that Jesus' disciples worked many miracles. We might be skeptical, but the truth is that miracles continue today at shrines, as part of the canonization of saints, and at healing prayer services. I attended a healing prayer service and training through Encounter Ministries. I have since prayed with many people, some of whom have reported healings. What should we make of this?

Jesus works physical healings so that we will trust him with much more delicate spiritual healings. Jesus wants to give peace to the chronically anxious, hope to those in despair, and love to those who feel isolated and neglected. We are the doubting Thomases who don't realize how powerful Jesus is. We wander from one drug to another while Jesus patiently waits for us to trust him. Crazy thing is, it’s true. The miracles. The Holy Spirit. All of it. It’s All true.

(24 Apr 2022)

Going Deeper: Where do I need to experience healing, hope, or peace? Where is Jesus inviting me to trust him?

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