Easter, 3rd Sunday • Jesus walks with his disciples and opens the scriptures for Him. Then they recognize Him in the breaking of the bread. This is not just a great Resurrection story, but it is also a parable about life. Here are two ways to apply the parable:

The Mass. We bring our worries and concerns. The Scriptures open our hearts to Jesus' presence. Then in the breaking of the bread, He himself becomes present.

Life Itself. We walk through life and Jesus walks with us, though we do not recognize Him. When we get to the House of the Father, and God sits us down to the great banquet, then we will realize that it is Jesus who has been walking with us all along.

On this Mother's Day, we recall the role that Mary played for the disciples. Even when they could not see Jesus, somehow she always knew it was Him. How did they recognize Him? Maybe in the breaking of the bread, or maybe in seeing His wounds. Every mother knows the experience of being wounded by the ones she loves. You can't see it now, but one day you will -- in those moments of being wounded, Jesus was there. (8 May 2011)