Fourth Sunday of Advent (Year C)

For three weeks now we have been preparing ourselves for the coming of Christ. I think most of us would have to admit that we really don't expect Christ to visit our home. It's too small, quaint, or maybe just not ready - cluttered and perhaps embarrassing.

But wait - Jesus was born in a stable! He doesn't mind the smell. In fact, all he really needed was a little humble corner. Advent is not about getting your house fixed up, but rather becoming humble enough to receive the humble king. There are three things we must do:

  1. Be humble. Like the little town of Bethlehem.
  2. Be obedient. God wants to do great things with your life; He wants to come and dwell with you. Obedience says "yes" to God's plan.
  3. Be generous. Mary does not just receive Jesus, she also shares Him.
When you go to a party, do you welcome the guests like Elizabeth did? You will be welcoming Jesus in the person of your guests. When you attend a party, do you bring Jesus along with you like Mary does? Then you will bring joy, and find joy.

I visited an establishment Friday night for a drink and a fish fry. As I ate and drank, you could see the buzz. People started coming over to me and asking religion questions. I tried as best I could to be like Mary and share the love of Jesus with each person. At the end of Advent, let us imitate Mary in being humble, obedient, and generous. It's time for Christmas parties: Eat, Drink, and be Mary.

(20 Dec 2015)

Point to Ponder: Is your home humble enough for Jesus?

Point to Discuss: What would it look like to "bring Jesus with you" to a Christmas party? Talk to your spouse or a friend about that.