Ash Wednesday • The Prodigal Son went off to a distant country and partied his inheritance away. Every night the father wondered where his son was and was he safe and well. The son didn't feel the distance between them until the money ran out. Then he came to his senses, got up, and started the long journey home.

This is us. We run after the pleasures of the world. We are so busy trying to fill ourselves that we don't notice the distance between ourselves and God. One day we realize how empty we have become. The ashes on our foreheads say, "Today I woke up in the pigsty, and I come to my senses and started my journey back to my Father."

(22 Feb 2023)

Going Deeper: What are the ways you have tried to fill yourself, only to make the emptiness worse? What concrete steps can you take to make this Lent a journey back to your Father?

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