Ordinary Time, 24th Sunday (A) Sometimes, we must do things that are counter-intuitive. When out water-skiing, don't pull the handle closer to your body. If you feel isolated and disconnected, you need less screen time, not more. If you worry what people will think of you, then you need less control, not more.

Forgiving my brother is counter-intuitive. Yet Jesus knows that we can't give our own lives the security, value, and love that we desire. The tighter I cling to my own ego, the more I make myself responsible for my own security and value. And the worse it gets. Forgiving others helps me to slide back into the sweet spot of gratitude and generosity.

(17 Sep 2023)

Going Deeper: Spend a few minutes talking to Jesus about what is on your mind and heart. Let yourself become more rooted in Him.

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