Ordinary Time, 23rd Sunday (A) The Lord be with you! It is easy for us to forget that God is with us every day. Christmas reminds us that God-is-with-us, not just for 33 years, but forever. The Eucharist reminds us that the Word becomes flesh, and not only in our churches, but also within us.

Remain in His love! If I want to truly love others, I must first allow God to love me. From that place of being loved by God, I am able to truly love others.

Judgement and mercy go hand-in-hand in the heart of Jesus. God judges the wicked and invites them to new life. We must call out bad behavior and also invite people to true life.

If my brother sins against me... I remain in God's love. The door is open, mercy is offered, but I need to love him from a distance. I'm not going to let my brother's negativity move me out of God's love.

(10 Sep 2023)

Going Deeper: Where or how have you experienced God's love? What helps you to remain in his love?

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