Ordinary Time, 23rd Sunday (A) Will God really give us anything we ask for, if we just get someone else to pray along with us? Probably not. But like so many parents, God just wants his children to get along. We are called to love our brothers and sisters. It seems easy until I realize that Donald Trump is my brother, and that Kamala Harris is my sister. Loving all people is basically impossible. Even loving my siblings can be hard.

We know that Jesus can, and does, love all people. So invite Jesus to live in your heart. Invite him to love others through you. Start with that sibling or in-law that's particularly hard to love.

I cannot correct someone I don't love. Once I love my brother, then I can go to him (or her) and say, "Your actions do not reflect how much God loves you. And I love you too much to stand by as you hurt yourself and others." If they won't turn from their wicked ways, you don't have to have a relationship with them. You stay with Jesus. Keep loving them from a distance and inviting them back to real love.

(6 Sep 2020)

Going Deeper: Do a brief survey of your immediate family. Is there someone particularly hard to love? Spend some time in prayer reflecting on God's love for them. Ask Jesus to give you his heart so you can love them with his love.


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