Ordinary Time, 24th Sunday (A) Why do we come to Sunday Mass? We might come out of habit, obligation, guilt, or because it makes us feel good. A farmer named Leroy gave me the best reason I've ever heard: "Honestly, Father, I come to say Thank You."

What do we have to be thankful for? God has created a beautiful world for us and loved us into existence. He died to forgive us our sins and call us back into a relationship with him. And now, so that you can be fully alive, he feeds you with his very self. How could you possibly repay God for everything he has done for you? God wants just one thing in return: You.

Coming it at number three on God's top ten list of commandments: Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day. We like to tell people that God is "Number 1" in our lives. But every Sunday we have a chance to prove it when we give him the first hour of the first day of our week. Then we should spend the rest of the day resting and renewing our souls.

(13 Sep 2020)

Going Deeper: I try very hard to never shop on Sunday. What would your Sunday look like if, instead of working or shopping, you spent it worshipping God and renewing your soul? Brainstorm with your family (or a good spiritual friend) a plan to keep this coming Sunday as a holy day.

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