Lent, 1st Sunday (B) Once upon a time, the world was so sinful that God was sorry he made human beings. He decided to wipe them out with a big flood. Only Noah would listen to God. So God gave him instructions to save himself, his children, and all the animals. Everyone else was swept away by the flood waters. Noah emerged from the ark to a fresh, clean world. He was greeted by the rainbow and a covenant with God.

Our second reading tells us that the souls who were drowned in the flood were given a second chance. Jesus went to preach to the souls who had drowned. Those who listened to him were invited to follow him up to heaven. We have now been welcomed into the new and eternal covenant in Jesus' blood. But even if a thousand times over we have not been faithful to the convent, God agives second chances.

(21 Feb 2021)

Going Deeper: Start Lent over again this week. If you had a second chance at life, what would you do differently? Try to start that new life today.

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