Easter Sunday • I have good news--the tomb is still empty! The empty tomb doesn't really prove the Resurrection. You have to notice the Risen Jesus working in the world.

Brenda Shepherd wanted to join the Catholic Church and she got a little help... from the Holy Spirit. When she joined the Church, she was so radiant with joy, you could see the Resurrection shining on her face. We know the Resurrection is real because of God's continued action in our lives and in our world.

Is our belief in God reflected in our schedule, our budget, or our choices? We often find that we have a hard time fitting Jesus into our lives. But if you put Jesus in first, everything else will fall into place. Start a new life with Jesus as the cornerstone.

(9 Apr 2023)

Going Deeper: Would anything in your life be different if you didn't believe in the Resurrection. Or, for those considering faith, what would change if you did believe in the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead?

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