Good Friday of the Lord's Passion • Jesus was the most successful man that ever lived. Was he smarter, stronger, or tougher than the rest of us? No, Jesus was successful because he was obedient. He did his Father's will, and that's what made him successful.

We, too, will be successful if we are obedient. We need three things to succeed: Faith, trusting that our Father knows best; Hope, knowing that things being hard now often means it will be worth later; and Love, our Father loves us and calls us to love others. Gaze on a crucifix, meditate on Jesus' obedience, and ask for in increase of faith, hope, and love.

(7 Apr 2023)

Going Deeper: Spend some time in prayer before a crucifix. Meditate on Jesus' obedience and ask for in increase in faith, hope, and love.

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