Palm Sunday (A) The Latin phrase, "Sic transit gloria mundi" (thus passes the glory of the world), is a sobering reminder that everyone who seeks the glory of this world will end up disappointed. Peter is worried about what people think of him; he winds up weeping bitterly. Judas is motivated by money; he hangs himself. Pilate is motivated by power; he winds up feeling powerless. Even the chief priests, who seem to have gotten exactly what they wanted, have set themselves up for the biggest disappointment in history.

Jesus does not seek the glory of this world. He does his Father's will and seeks the glory of God. Jesus can look back on the Passion and say, "It was worth it. It was all worth it. You were worth it." Joseph of Arimathea had spent a lot of money on a monument to himself. But then he turned it all over to Jesus. Do not seek the gloria mundi. Follow Jesus and you will be able to say, "It was all worth it."

(2 Apr 2023)

Going Deeper: Make plans now to attend the Triduum services: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil at your local parish church. I promise you the experience will change you.

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